Hi! I'm a Finnish artist specializing in real and imaginary animals. I especially love to draw horses and horse-like creatures due to my riding background. My main mediums are colored pencils, pastel pencils and PanPastel. I also like to experiment with other mediums such as water-mixable oil paints and digital art.

Frequently asked questions

What paper do you use?

I use Pastelmat paper by Clairefontaine. I love its sandpaper-like surface that allows to layer the colors very effortlessly. I also like the color selection of the Pastelmat papers. I prefer to draw on a colored paper instead of white.

What pencils do you use?

Colored pencils: mostly Derwent Lightfast and Faber-Castell Polychromos

Pastel pencils: mostly Stabilo Carbothello and Pitt Pastel

How do you do your backgrounds?

I use PanPastel to create my backgrounds. It's dry pastel that can be applied like a paint, with a sponge. I love the soft and blurry feel that I'm able to get with it. Sometimes I also use Unison Colour soft pastel sticks.

Are you available for commissions?

No, I'm currently focusing on my personal art.

Do you sell prints?

Yes! I sell prints through Society6 which is a US based company that sells print-on-demand products and ships worldwide. Click here to access my store.

Do you sell originals?

I currently sell originals only to Finland.

Can I use your art?

Please do not use, copy or publish my work (or any parts of them) without my written permission. Email me to info@satumanninen.fi for questions.